May 28: Engaged vs. Involved

SMBFWThe last Tuesday of each month, I have the good fortune to jump out of bed and run to the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center in Fort Wayne for the Social Media Breakfast Fort Wayne meeting.  (Ok, I’m always honest.  I don’t “run” to anything right now, hence my need to workout.  Plus, I still have the hardest time finding this place after six months of these meetings.  I’m just NOT a native Fort Wayne person…yet!)

Today was the best breakfast of them all!  Bacon is always served (although I abstained – I figured if I’m not going to run, I can give up the bacon.)  We had a grand ol’ time today collaborating through music and entertaining each other with quips, tweets and bantering, until Kevin Mullet shared something that made me really think…hard.

Engaged vs. Involved.  Hmm.

I’ve been plenty concerned with engagement this past year.  Are people retweeting my material?  Are they following our company profile page?  Are they sharing my Facebook posts?  But involvement stretches engagement out to another level.  (Crap – just when you think, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”)

I started looking at my own private Facebook page and I’m not involved enough with my own posts much less my company-sponsored ones.  I’m not asking enough open-ended questions.  Instead, I’m doing what everyone else is doing… clicking “Like” and moving on to the next thing.  Hit it and quit it.

This big conversation made me do a little homework with my good friends over at LinkedIn.  Every member of LinkedIn has a sellability index.  On the surface, your index is driven depending on how “engaged” you are with the platform.  Not that it matters and strictly for reference purposes, the average LinkedIn member has an 18-19% sellability index and as of a few months back I had a 90% sellability index.  When I asked my friend at LinkedIn today what “engaged” really meant she said it’s a combination of things such as how many connections you have,  how many groups you belong to, how many updates you post, etc. but (< – and in honor of my friend, Maria Ferrante-Schepis who calls that the “Sexy But” in a sentence) your index is driven higher by your INVOLVEMENT.  So, I might have a decent index from trivial numbers from my profile, but my index gets beefier when I respond to people’s questions in groups, respond to their birthday updates, and/or respond to their inbox messages.  Generally speaking, engaged numbers you can usually see (how many friends/followers/connections someone has) while involvement is an internal measure at LinkedIn by those who are actually having conversations.  So engagement is the bird in the hand while involvement is worth two in the bush.

Ugh – Uncle Kevin and his super social media powers.  Drats that wonderful man!  🙂

Q:  Now that you know all of this, what are you going to do to become more involved?


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