May 29: Tick Tock You Don’t Stop

PacemakerPut your fingers up to your carotid artery underneath your left ear very gently…and count.  Thump, thump, thump, thump… your heart beats on and on without even a second thought by most of each minute, each hour, each day.  Thump, thump, thump, thump…unless you’re my father.

My dad turned seventy-four years old this year.  He’s had a triple bypass, several small strokes and more recently he’s been suffering from a very low resting heart rate and dizziness.  The cardiologist informed him that it’s time for a pacemaker and he’s nervous.  A feeling that is very hard for him to admit.

When I called him last night and tried to console his worries, I could tell my words were not helping.  I’ve never had a pacemaker installed.  I’ve never had open-heart surgery.  I’ve never had a stroke.  I have nothing close to compare it to and so my words of understanding were lost on him.  My heart’s been ticking along just fine.  He wanted to talk to someone who had one installed, but the doctor couldn’t give him any patient referrals (confidentiality reasons.)  So there he was with questions and nervousness.  Completely understandable.

Unable to help calm my father’s worries, I did what I do best and turned to social media to find him some help!  Calling upon my Facebook friends last night, I simply put it out there, “Question!  Anyone have a family member with a pacemaker?  Important to me…thanks!”  What came next blew me away.

Without reservation, people stepped up to help.  Friends saying their parents had one installed and they would call my dad.  Other friends who said they had a neighbor who had one installed and they would ask if they could call my dad.  I got to work today and a woman from our New Business Department called and said she had one and would call my dad.  The stampede was charging to come to the aid of a man in St. Peters, Missouri they had never heard of all because I simply asked for help.

All I can say to them is, “Thank you.”  Thank you for being my social media heroes and heroines.  I love my job for this very reason!

Q:  Do you ask directly for help when you need it?  If not, why?  When are you going to start?


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