May 31: @DrKevinElko and My Monday Morning Cup

kevinelko(I know today is Friday and not Monday, but it was important that I shared this BEFORE Monday so you can get it on time!)

Do you know who Dr. Kevin Elko is?  I will start by telling you who he isn’t.  He isn’t going to tell you that you can be successful without hard work.  He won’t let you cry on his shoulder about how everyone is mean to you.  He isn’t going to accept you saying bad things about yourself.  He also isn’t going to accept you saying you can’t do something.

I’m so fortunate to work for a company that believes in self-improvement and supports it.  At our company meeting today, we had a colleague who played a podcast by Dr. Elko that talked about four ways to become a better you.  These four tips are not something new and shiny or some incredibly crazy idea to get you to where you want to go.  No.  It’s all common sense when you boil it down, but why is it so hard to get there?  You will love these:

(1)  Vision, not circumstance.  Quit worrying about where you are right now and focus on where you want to go.  It’s much like telling a child to clean their room.  That’s overwhelming.  Ask them to clean out a drawer or make a bed.  That’s much more focused.  Our lives are like this too; nothing much has changed – just the items we move around are different.

(2)  Self concept.  What do I think about myself?  The Law of Attraction is alive and well.  Trust me, it is.  If you walk around all the time saying, “I’m fat…ugly…not smart enough…always running late…etc.”  Guess what?  The mind is a powerful thing and we will manifest these things to become our reality.  Speak/See yourself ‘as if’.  If you want to be a writer, see yourself that way.  If we must become a self-fulfilling prophecy, then dream big, baby!

(3)  Expect difficulty.  Change is hard.  I remember when I hired a personal trainer.  He was wonderful, supportive and said something that stuck with me all these years.  He told me all about how he would watch my form, assign me exercises and help me plan a meal.  But he also said, “I can do a lot for you, but I can’t do your push-ups for you.”  Resolve that change is not going to be easy – and get over it.  We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

(4)  Align expectations with realities.  Quit complaining and just do…something!  Make a decision to go – and GO!  This is an area that is tremendously difficult for many of us, myself included.

You can have this inspiration delivered to you each week too.  Every Monday, Dr. Elko has a Morning Cup of Inspiration you can receive in your inbox.  You can sign up for it here.

If you want to make some changes in your behavior and just need that little bit of motivation to keep you going – Dr. Elko is your man.  Go do it now so you have it on Monday!


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