Jun 1: All Twisted Up

tornadoA tornado missed my son and his family by one mile.  That sounds like a lot of distance if you’re walking a mile.  It becomes a little less distance if you were running a mile, but it’s tremendously less by bicycle and car.  Now imagine it from the tornado’s perspective.  A mile in a tornado’s life is nothing more than a miss.

It got me to thinking about what is important to me.  I love my son, his wife and my grandchildren.  I did not rest well knowing they were in harm’s way and I was powerless to do anything about it, but more importantly – – in those hours they were frightened, did they know how grateful I am to have had them in my life?  My gratitude scale was off the charts last night as I texted, tweeted and posted to make sure they knew.  I continued to become choked up with blessings that they were spared.

When I got up this morning after a night of crappy sleep, my gratefulness turned to aggravation by some of my friends on Facebook who didn’t comment about the evening’s ravaging.  Poor Oklahoma had lives lost again, Missouri had lots of damage and other areas like Indiana became flooded throughout the night.  Yet here were my friends who got up and posted on Facebook to talk about their morning Starbucks or afternoon trip to a wine tasting.  My aggravation was directly caused by my wondering, “Does social media condone human beings to get all twisted up in narcissistic behavior, even during a nationwide crisis?”

Take a moment and really think about your digital behavior.  Are you really who YOU are in the social space?  Do you allow the social space to dilute (or maybe even completely void) your feelings of compassion or empathy?  How do you want people to know you though your digital behavior?

I’m going to take the next month and really look at my posts and make certain people know exactly who I am through what I share.  I want to examine my digital behavior in more depth for two reasons:

  1. I want others to know I really care about them, their families, what hurts them, what makes them laugh, what makes them cry, and what concerns them.
  2. I want to know myself better by using only my real feelings, honest thoughts and from a genuine voice here on out.

I don’t want to be all twisted up in some online, social space game.  I want to be here, now and present.  Life is short, people.  And lastly, I learned a lot from that tornado last night.  A miss is really as good as a mile.  I’ve come miles ahead in my humanness directly because of those twisters last night.  I didn’t miss the lesson in this at all.


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