Jun 2: To Laugh or To Not Laugh

Laugh Out Loud!After a couple of long days (lots of hours at the office and those scary tornadoes that just missed my son and his family), my husband decided it was time to shake things up and we went to a comedy club last night.  We invited a girlfriend from my work and her boyfriend to come along, and off to Snickerz we went in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

We had the front row seats – whoa.  Aren’t those the seats where everyone gets picked on?  I wasn’t sure if I was in the right mood for it!  Those seats ended up being a blessing.

The comedienne came out, Amber Preston, and she likes to make eye contact.  (Oh no – she is going to see into my soul and wonder what the hell is this worn out woman doing at a comedy show?)  She was VERY funny, but I found I kept hesitating on whether I should laugh or not at certain things.  It was right there and I wanted to really let it out and then my Negative Nelly would shut it up.  I was seriously analyzing, “Should I laugh or not?”  #GoodGrief!

I’ve been running on fumes for so long and becoming so enveloped in my job, trying to hard to be everything to everyone, that I simply forgot that I enjoy laughing.  I relish banter.  What happen to my old smartass ways?  OMG – how did I become that boring woman at the comedy club?

Then, Amber told this joke about her dad wearing tri-focals and for whatever reason it got to me…and out came this laugh that I’ve been holding for a while.  I looked over and my husband was laughing and so were our friends.  It was just nice to hear a deep-bellied laugh.  I was apparently holding it in for quite some time!  What a waste!

Then it was the next thing that Amber said to another guest that gave me shivers.  She said, “It’s not healthy to hold laughter back.  Let it go.  Let it into the world.”  Holy cow – that was exactly what I needed to hear!  Somewhere between her bits on Ninja Sluts and her crazy boyfriend, she shared something so wonderful and powerful.  I think there were a LOT of people in that room who needed to hear it!  It’s ok to laugh at silly stuff and even some stuff that is marginally serious because life is full of laughable moments.  She’s right, let it go!

Q:  When was the last time you laughed?  Are you laughing enough anymore?  If not, why?


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