Jun 3: Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines

Dreams Don't Have DeadlinesWhen was the last time you recall hearing someone say something in the exact moment that you needed hear it?  Has that ever happened to you because I know it has certainly happened to me!  Some say that’s just a coincidence.  I say it’s divine intervention.

I’ve had a dream of writing a book for years.  Literally, each year I tell myself that this is going to be the year that I write a book.  Then life intervenes and that year becomes five, then ten.  Ugh, but I really want to write that book!

Last night, I was watching Oprah interview L.L. Cool J. and he was talking about his success, his life and family.   It’s remarkable what he has accomplished, so the interview was quite riveting.  A commercial break intervened and I was talking to my husband about what I thought success would look like for me…namely, writing my book and the dreams I have had all of these years in seeing it published.  My husband, the most encouraging man on earth, nodded and agreed that I should write that book!

When the Oprah interview came back on, she was asking L.L. Cool J. about his dreams and aspirations and as he was telling her some details of what he still wants to accomplished then he said to her, “Dreams don’t have deadlines.”  It stopped me in my tracks.

I had to be in that exact place, in that exact moment, to hear that exact message.  Not a coincidence at all.

I would add more to this entry, but I have some writing to go do…


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