Jun 4: You want some cheese with that?

whiningNever discount a teenager.  Some of them are smarter than the average adult.  I recently saw a Facebook post by a friend of my daughters that said this, “You don’t have depression. You’re upset. There is a clear difference. Unless you actually have been diagnosed with depression I do not want to hear you whine.”  #YouGotTold!

Of course this made me wonder how much of my day am I actually “whining”?  I don’t want to be someone who walks around with a chip on their shoulder thinking the whole word is against me.  It took a VERY conscious effort on my part yesterday, but I really paid attention to my thoughts and words.  And to my delight, I wasn’t much of a whiner.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I had a few moments that were questionable, but all in all I had legitimate complaints that I wanted to find solutions to a problem.

In addition, I noticed that I avoid certain people because they are whiners.  I used to get wrapped up in their Negative Nelly moments because I wanted to help until one day it clicked – they just like to hear themselves complain.  Now, I not only do not help, but I completely avoid.  Wrong as it sounds, complete avoidance keeps me away from toxic behavior.

Take some time and really pay attention to your thoughts and words.  If you need for cheese for your whine, then you probably need to adjust that behavior so you aren’t driving others away.





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