Jun 5: I hate making decisions

decision-makingI love to make decisions.  I know that contradicts the title to this entry, but I actually enjoy making decisions…except when it comes to stuff like where to eat out, which gas station has the better snacks and which house we should move into.  The latter of which is my trouble today.

We live in a house that is very nice…big walk-in closets, huge kitchen, four bedrooms, etc.  Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Except I do not like the size of my yard, my neighbors and the fact that we don’t have a garage.  Ugh.  So I went poking my nose around in other neighborhoods just to see what was out there.  I found a house with great yard, beautiful neighborhood, huge garage – but the house is smaller.  I just can’t seem to win!

Adding fuel to this is that the new house has lots of people who do want to claim it, but the person leasing it has leased to us before and would really prefer we be the tenants.  Ok, that’s flattering and doesn’t happen very often, but the house’s size is eating at me!  Like the girl from the AT&T commercial, “We want more!”

It got me to thinking about why do I hate making this decision so much?  Am I really having a Freudian moment and worrying about the size?  Or am I just not wanting to claim responsibility if things do not go well for my family in the new digs?  (I’m thinking it’s the last one!)

My gut instinct is the new house will be better for us.  It will force us to have to pare down and live with only the things we NEED.  I’m sulking inside like a small child about getting rid of sentimental things, but it will be worth it in the end.  (< – – I’m still convinced that’s a saying to make us feel better in a crappy moment.)

Q:  What do you like / hate about making decisions?  Have you thought about why you don’t like making them?



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