Jun 6: Mention it and they will come

mentionBooks.  They are one of my great passions.  I love reading them, holding them and as you all know I have had the desire to write one for twenty years now.  I’ve finally started to put pen to paper (…ok, not EXACTLY like Nathaniel Hawthorne since I have a laptop and iPad, but it sounded poetic as I typed it) and get to writing.  Lo and behold, I received an email this week asking me to write a book.

It’s funny how things happen in life.  I haven’t even built it so people could come, I merely mentioned it.  Then it got me to wondering how many other things we need to merely mention so it breathes life into an idea or dream so it can come to fruition.

Maybe if we mentioned that something was bugging us then others would know and stop doing that particular thing.  What if we mentioned to someone working at the restaurant how nice they are and how much you appreciated their enthusiasm?  Do you think they would have a better day and you would have better service?  Mentioning can have just as much power as standing on a soapbox in the city square telling the tales of victory and defeat.  (Hey – even Twitter figured out the value of a mention!)

Q:  Do you make sure to mention things?  If not, examine why – and then challenge yourself to try to do this more often.


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