Jun 7: Falling into place

Falling into placeHow many of you remember Tetris?  It can be the perfect (or worst!) game for someone who has OCD tendencies (like moi.)  You have almost a love/hate relationship with each piece for different reasons and I used to get so pissed when they would start falling faster and faster, ultimately costing me the game.  Rats!

As I’ve grown older, I’m still greatly impressed with how our lives are much like that game.  The things that happen to us are like the different blocks. When they don’t fit together (the rougher times), you keep searching for ways to make the perfect alignment.  Then all of a sudden the perfect block enters and you get that magical moment where you zap a line out because it all fell into place (the better times.)  I love that feeling I get in my belly of, “Oh yeah!”

When the blocks of our lives fall into alignment, you need to not just relish those moments but use them as a learning opportunity.  You need to keep building on that success so it becomes a habit versus a random knee-jerk reaction that just happened to work out.  This is why successful people make things look so “easy”.  They have learned how to make success a process…and you can do it too.  It’s not reserved for any certain “type” of person – it’s for all of us to take when we want it.

The process of alignment is not always fun, but the rewards are.  Strive to find a success pattern that works for you.

Q:  What are you doing to savor and repeat the successful periods in your life?


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