Jun 8: Feeling festive?

germanfestI took a half-day to spend time with my husband who I’ve been neglecting due to a full schedule (ok, a bit dramatic with the neglect, but I wanted him to know I think he’s very important!)  Where does Ahmad want to go for the afternoon?  Germanfest in Fort Wayne, IN!  I’ve never been so I thought, “Why not?”

When we arrived the music was in full swing and we found a nice table under a tree…where we sat…for hours.  (???)  When we looked around, everyone was doing the same thing.  Sitting.  No one was dancing.  Basically, we had walked into a big tent where everyone sat and got to drink expensive beer outside.

Is that being festive?  I think not.  It got me wondering how many people actually know how to feel festive?

I imagine festivities being about much more than drinking a German beer.  I think about dancing, light-hearted laughing, music (they got that part right!) and spending intimate time with friends and family.  Memories being made!  There were just a lot of people sitting around quietly, drinking a beer.

I likely won’t be returning to next year’s Germanfest, but only because it wasn’t festive for ME.  What I do want you to think about though is what do you find fun and festive?  Make sure those things do get on your calendar and do them!  Feeling festive should be part of the human experience!


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