Jun 9: Violet eyes

Lavendar EyesToday is my baby daughter’s birthday.  Jenna turns fifteen.  She has lots of really cool qualities like she can play the piano beautifully, she really enjoys NASCAR (Go Tony Stewart!) and she has the most beautiful violet eyes.  Yep, her eyes are purple.  How cool is that?

I remember when she was little I was so worried about those purple eyes and even went to the optometry school at University of California – Berkeley to make sure they were ok.  We had already had her diagnosed with Autism by then and were concerned there could be more going on.  The optometrist just smiled and said, “Your daughter’s eyes are violet…spectacular and rare.”

Violet eyes?  I didn’t even know that existed!  My husband’s eyes are sparking blue and mine are tired old brown – so I wasn’t aware we could even create something so remarkable!

Years later I learned that Elizabeth Taylor also had this phenomenal eye color which became one of her trademarks.  My little Jenna, who is growing up quickly, still has one of the most beautiful set of eyes to feast on.  She’s so beautiful!

Today and always, I wish my daughter nothing but blessings for her life.  Filling my thoughts for her today about great health, warm memories and a wealth of opportunities.  You are very special to me, my violet-eyed girl!  All my love – Momma.


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