Jun 10: Got ID?

IN DLI never realized the value of a driver’s license until I left mine at the TSA desk at Fort Wayne International Airport when I got to Omaha, Nebraska today.  Did you realize without that ID you are literally a big NOBODY in the eyes of a rental car company?

Holy mackerel – I got to the Budget counter at Eppley Airfield to pick up my car when I went through the panic phase of, “Where’s my bleep bleep license?”  I ripped everything apart and then I remembered I got felt up by the lonely TSA agent at FWA which aggravated me and set my ID down…and left it.

RATS!  DUMB!  What now?

I would love to say that Budget was understanding that I had twelve credit cards, luggage tags, etc. with my name on it- but they wouldn’t rent me a car.  Nope.  I am a nobody in their eyes.

I sat for four hours in the airport while my husband scrambled in Fort Wayne to get the license from the TSA counter (who didn’t have it because they took it to the police station), to get the license from the police station (who didn’t have it because it was still with the officer on duty), to get the license from the policy officer on duty (who did have it, but wouldn’t bring it back to the policy station or the airport).  Nightmare!

My husband finally badgered them enough and convinced the officer to bring the ID in.  What a mess!

Long story short?  I finally got the rental car I needed to make my appointment, but I never realized what a fiasco can be created by such a small piece of plastic.

I will forever be an identification monger now.  PTSD will flood me with fear on every flight from this day forward.  I have to go now… and check if I have my ID with me…


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