Jun 11: Weeeee

WeeeeeSo last night I was flying home from Omaha, Nebraska.  I had a tumultuous trip because of the forgotten ID situation (oh boy!) and when I took my seat in 6C I was none too thrilled to find 4 kids sitting with mom and dad in the seats behind me. Could this trip get any worse? (Ok, the plane could crash.  I’m not looking for sarcasm in my rhetorical question!)

I sat down prepared for the constant chair kicking, “Are we there yet?” and crying.  As the flight attendant got us all strapped in and cellphones off (< – my least favorite part of a plane ride), I hear the little boy say to his father, “Are we doing it yet?”

When I turned around and actually looked, this was an awfully cute little five or six-year-old boy who was sitting in his seat, all proper and anxiously glancing about for the plane to take off.  Oh great, he’s going to scream when this sucker takes off, I thought.

As the plane taxied to the runway, we had to stop and wait for another plane to take off.  Once again I overhear the little boy say to his father, “Are we doing it yet?”  The father patted his son’s leg and shook his head ‘no’.  All the while I keep thinking, “Are we doing WHAT yet?”

The engines went on full and I glanced back curious as to what this little fellow was wanting to do.  As the plane started to taxi down the runway, this little guy was all smiles and just as the plane lifted off, he yells very loudly, “Weeee!!!!”  The whole cabin erupted in laughter!

I even laughed myself because I had forgotten how much fun a plane trip can be.  I was so absorbed by my mess with the driver’s license that I forgot to enjoy my trip, the meeting, seeing some friends of mine, etc.  How ridiculous of me to be so adult.  I needed a good jolt of childishness.

The next time I ride on a plane, what would others do if I yelled out, “Weeee!!!!” when the plane took off?  Probably give me the crazy stink eye, but this little dude had it all right.  We aren’t doing it, much less doing it correctly.  What joy he had in that simple take off.

Joy certainly can be contagious.  I looked back at the little boy about 20 minutes into the flight and he looked over at me with a big grin.  I said, “Is this pretty cool?” and he said, “The coolest!”  We all need a little “Weeee!!!!” in our day, don’t you think?


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