Jun 27: The boy who cried wolf

Nelson Mandela on Day After ReleaseI really love what this man represents.  Nelson Mandela has to be one of the most iconic leaders on this planet – yet no one can confirm or deny if he’s currently alive or dead.  Reminds me of the story about the boy who cried wolf.

It’s frustrating to think the media has the right to play with people’s emotions, but they do.  Reporting that someone is dead when they are not is just plain wrong.  I got up this morning and found an article that claimed that Nelson Mandela died last night after dealing with a lung infection (article referenced is here: http://guardianlv.com/2013/06/nelson-mandela-life-support-shut-down-as-respected-humanitarian-dies-age-94/) Several of my respected friends had similar articles and all were grieving the loss of this humanitarian.

I received a tweet later in the morning from someone who tweeted, “Mandela is not dead, you Asswipe.”  Clearly he is not a real follower of what Nelson Mandela shared with the world and right after I clicked “Block” on this Twitter Troll, I found a separate article that said Mandela was doing much better (article referenced here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-23085736?SThisFB).

Why does the media do this?  Why do they allow emotions to be toyed with?  I feel writers and articles that misrepresent the truth are no better than the dude who called me an “Asswipe” on Twitter.  Trolls are trolls.

Crying wolf is a serious infraction in the social space.  It desinigrates the hard work people (like me!) have put into telling others there are credible and resourceful people out there who want to help instruct, teach and guide — then one incorrect article blows the deal apart.

Frustrating?  Absolutely!  But as Nelson Mandela has said many times before, “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”  We should all be grateful for such strong leadership guidance.  Do not let the trolls win.  For those of us using a good head and heart to engage with others, press on and stay strong!


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