Aug 12: Why do you do the voodoo that you do?

voodooI was recently in Memphis, TN and bought my girls voodoo doll key chains.  Seems a little odd for someone who believes in God to make this purchase, but it came with a lesson.  A reminder actually, “Why do you do the voodoo that you do?”

I’m in the midst of evaluating my personal “why” in life.  Oh, I know that I have been designed for a specific function.  It wasn’t by accident that I was crafted, placed on this planet to just ‘exist’.  Nope, that’s not me.  But you wanna know what I find is hard about this task?  Hint:  It’s why Rick Warren is so right on the money – I [like so many] want to know what my purpose in life is.  I’m still searching at 42.  I better hurry-up!

There are things that I’m good at – no doubt.  But I think I’ve been going about this journey all the wrong way.  I’ve been mastering craft after craft and ignoring possible dormant skills which are the REAL reason I was even made in the first place.  It’s the voodoo that I do.

When I listen to my friends say they are so unhappy with their job – they are probably not following what they SHOULD be doing or [like me] attempting to master craft after craft in order to find my purpose…my why.  Both are the voodoo that we do.

Take some time – some real quality time – and focus on yourself.  Do you know what you are good at?  It’s not selfish to want to know that – not at all.  If you don’t – don’t be bashful – ASK your family and friends.  Be prepared for what you hear though too.  Growing means stretching and just like my belly blew up when I held a 10 lb. baby boy in it 25 years ago, I have the marks to prove just how much I could stretch!

One really good question my husband asked me this past weekend was, “What matters more to you in your career:  using your God-given gifts and talents or making money?”  My voodoo needs some new mojo!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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