Aug 13: What are we missing?

missingI’m spending quite a bit of energy on the journey of purpose right now.  It’s been so fulfilling and as I open each door or explore a new corridor, there’s a whole different dimension of Sheryl waiting for me to learn something new about myself.  It’s awesome and humbling.  It makes me continue to question, “What else am I missing?”

Recently, I was speaking to someone who said, “I’m really not that excited about anything in my life.”  I don’t even know how to digest that information so I find that comment extremely sad, yet recharging.  I am passionate about my desires – dreams – goals.  My biggest hiccup is wondering if I’m putting energy into the RIGHT passions versus discovering the missing ones that are my real purpose in life.

To have no passion though – wow.  How did someone get there?

– How were they misused?  abused?

– How were their talents misapplied?  misdirected?  wasted?

An online friend of mine, Cynthia Bazin (@TheSmartChic) recently wrote a post about the people you surround yourself.  (You can read her blog by clicking here.)  She said something in that post that was 100% correct – “Any day, I’d rather have a tight-knit, small inner circle of people in my life that positively lift me way up in life, over a bunch of people who just surround me, that don’t positively contribute to my life.”

It could very well be that “quality people” are missing in your life.  Who do you spend your time with?  Where do you spend it?  How do the people you spend time with make you more or less passionate?  It’s important to really examine this and make adjustments where needed.

You must have passion in your life to continue to uncover your talents.  Keep asking yourself “What am I missing?” and adjust from there.  A journey of purpose is not easy.  Anything that has grit and meaning is not supposed to be easy, is it?

Carve out the time on your calendar for enthusiasm.  I know it seems crazy, but just do it!  [It’s exactly what I did, no joke.]  The closer you get to discovering your purpose, you will be more energetic and rediscover a passion that you didn’t know existed in you.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite 


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