Aug 14: Tough love

sheryl-farahI love this child very much.  She probably wouldn’t agree with that – especially today – but Farah is pretty special.  She’s bright, beautiful and not at all bashful, but she is having a rough time of getting things moving this summer.  Something we have all been through.

Farah graduated in June 2013.  Jobs have not been plentiful for working teenagers (free interns? that’s a different story!) and I think it’s been the wrench in her summer plans.  I think she’s feeling a little “stuck” because of it.  So what do I want to do about it?  Um, I’m her mom and I want to help her out, but I can’t.  She must do this on her own and it’s literally killing me.

My actions around “tough love” got me to thinking back when my father did the same thing to me.  Oh I was so aggravated with him at the time.  I had no clue that those sharp, gnashing moments would mold me into the successful woman I am today.  Now it’s my turn to pay it forward to Farah.

When things do not go as planned (corrected: as WE planned, I believe there is a higher power that has a plan for each of us), you better be thinking about a back-up.  The “expectation insurance” I will call it.  (I work in financial services, c’mon and cut me a break!)  We expect certain things to happen and when they don’t, we are challenged to find our footing and start again.

It’s rough to have to keep starting over.  Actually, it can be downright depressing.  I have faith that Farah will find work, but as a parent it is hard to put tough love in action.  We must do this for their long-term success though.

Keeping this child in my heart and thoughts as she goes through the struggle today of literally going from company to company today to find a job.  I really hope she knows I am doing this out of love and not to make her feel more uncomfortable.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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