Aug 18: ‘Tis but a dream

dreamingI spent a lot of time dreaming as a young girl.  Much like the one in the picture, I vividly remember laying in the grass or on top of the picnic table on my father’s estate and looking up at the sky.  Those clouds hold a lot of my dreams.  Planes would fly by and I would imagine myself on those planes going wherever my mind would take me:  Canada, Italy and for a long time I was obsessed with wanting to go to Washington and see Puget Sound.

The truth is I was 20 years old before I went on my first flight.  Since then, I’ve traveled with my jobs to many metro areas, but I’m 42 now and have never made it to Canada, Italy and not even to Washington to see Puget Sound.  I kept dreaming though that one day I would get to those places.

So why haven’t I gotten there?

Something I realized this weekend though was that dreaming just isn’t enough.  You have to have a plan of action.  You also have to surround yourself with people who also aspire for great things and desire action toward their own dreams.  Being around others who are not only NOT dreamers, but also fail to have the genes to execute on anything is a recipe for you (and me!) to not get to the successes we both desire.  I can’t speak for you, but it makes my dreams seem even more impossible to reach.

I share all of this because I hate blogs that make it sound like everything in someone’s life is perky and they are confident about everything the are doing.  I’m not – I’m just a real person trying to find their purpose and happiness, just like you.  I want you to find a way to capture the essence of your dreams and not let go.  It’s really hard some days (like today for me; it’s a rough one) when all you can do is tie a rope and hang on because you want to give up.

Keep dreamin’, but make a plan of action so your dreams have verbs.  Quit waiting for the “right time”.  I assure you that the one thing I have learned in 42 years is that will never happen unless you make it happen.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


2 thoughts on “Aug 18: ‘Tis but a dream

    • It’s also very hard to dream when you’re surrounded by people who do not dream themselves, do not take your dreams seriously nor support you in getting to your dreams either. It becomes very exhausting to the person who is dreaming for the group vs. dreaming for themselves.

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