Aug 19: The Beatles knew what they were singing about

I love this song.  It embodies what so many people are thinking about on a daily basis, but not necessarily saying (much less singing it) out loud.  The lyrics in the song are not demanding that you help.  It’s simply reminding, “Help me if you can.”

Help is an interesting human need that few fully understand.  How do you measure the amount of help?  What is too much help?  Are we stepping in too soon/too late to help?  Is the person receiving the help really wanting it?  Is the person who needs the help asking for it?  Help is a lot like love – you just can’t put your arms around it, but you know it’s out there to be given and taken.

I’ve come to realize that my Kingdom Purpose (as Rick Warren and Erik Rees dubs this) is to help other people.  That’s great – but I have a big problem.  That problem is materialism.  I always think, “…a little bit more” would be better though.  Again, what does “a little bit more” constitute?  How do I qualify it?  Trying to balance it doesn’t work (I know that for sure – I’ve been trying to for years!)  It’s just wrong to think this way.  I am constantly #smh at how easy it is to get sucked into the ‘greed vortex’ when all along, all I have ever wanted, was to help other people.  It really is what brings me joy and peace.

Your life isn’t about you.  Weird, isn’t it?  It’s just not.  It’s about all the other people – the community of lives we have become on Earth.  The difference…the change…the betterment…you can make in that community is why you are here.  I’ve never heard any parent yet say to their children to be selfish with their gifts and never help another person.  I have seen the pride that comes across the faces of parents when a child stops and recognizes another person needs help (or any form of that such as consideration, acceptance, inclusion, etc.)  The best thing I’ve realized is just how unique we really are and how those skill sets can be used to make this world even more grand.

You have to decide when enough is enough though.  That’s tough to do, but I can assure you that the more generous you are with your time, resources and talents – – the more blessed and purposeful your life will become.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite



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