Aug 25: I’m really only 27

groundhogLove this movie – love it!  Why?  I can totally relate to the bottom line message about making the same mistakes because one never stops to learn the over-arching lesson.  I’m human and that’s why I’m really only 27, instead of the 42 years my birth certificate says I should be.  I was “stuck” a few of those years in repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

How many of us at the end of the year anticipate our New Year’s Resolutions list?  I sure do!  I get my pen and paper out (I still enjoy writing the “old-fashioned way” instead of using my iPad!) and start writing all the goals I have for the following year.  And you probably know the list always starts with, “Lose weight.”

But how many times do you examine what happened in the last year so you can live your next year differently?  For example, if you love your job, what do you love about it (so you don’t change that part!) and what would you love to do more of (so you do change this)?  What about what didn’t happen this year?  If you start each year with “Lose weight” examine what caused you to fail.

I can tell you something I am notorious for – my husband can put his finger on it without a doubt my number one challenge:  finishing a project through to the absolute, very end.  I get so restless (or cavalier) and want to get on to the next project that I never quite finish 100%.  Because of that vital mistake, I have failed at plenty of things in my life – let’s use the example of weight loss.

Three years ago I was 10 pounds from my goal weight.  I had lost 117 pounds and was 10 pounds from my goal weight and I prematurely started to ‘celebrate’ my victory.  What did that look like?  I quit counting calories.  I would skip a day or two from the gym.  I would get extra sauce on my sandwich.  Guess what?  I got 30 pounds of my ‘victory celebration’ back and I’m now 40 pounds from my goal weight.  #BigMistake

So take time to vet experiences and make the changes you need to be successful.  Don’t let a “Groundhog Day” effect come across your thinking, plans and projects because it will cause you to make no headway on your goals and you will stay in the same position and the same age as you are.  I’m not scared of getting old, but I am going for mature.  As Rick Warren has said, “Maturity is when you extract meaning from the everyday experiences of life.”

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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