Aug 28: Just do it

just do itWho remembers this?  Was it one of the very best marketing messages for Nike?  Or, was it one of the very best messages about how to get ahead in your life?  Hmm…  [Could advertising execs be THAT insightful?  Hint:  yes]

There is a great book called “Becoming a Category of One” by @JoeCalloway.  There is a phenomenal message in the book that I have found segues into more aspects of my personal life than my professional one.  The idea is that the actual process of deciding to go is the first step in a new journey.  [I love verbs.]  So we decide to go, but how many of us actually just do it?

We talk about losing weight, but do we get up and start working out?

We talk about getting a new job, but do we go out and find a new one?

We talk about improving our relationships, but do we stop our crazy schedule and make times for those we care about?

We talk about social media for our business, but do we learn how to do this so people will buy what we are selling?

The number one excuse I hear for not accomplishing these things?  Time.  There’s some magical power we pin to our time that allows it to run us; instead of us running it.  Gary Vaynerchuck recently said, “Everybody has time” [and if your very sensitive ears can handle some raw language – watch this 18 second video clip on @GaryVee‘s YouTube channel here to motivate yourself into why he’s 100% accurate.]  He’s right – we do have time, but you have to give up Candy Crush, posting what you had for lunch on Facebook and sitting on the couch watching TV.  That’s the way it goes.

So my challenge today is quit bitching about being fat, how much you hate your job, how your marriage is sour and how social media won’t work for your business and make the decision to go and then do something about.

Just do it, already!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite



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