Aug 31: What a turn off

turn-offI came into the office today to catch up on some emails, but also to send some notes through LinkedIn to my online “friends” to “Have a great weekend!”  I love long weekends and most everyone does.  I also love staying engaged with a large group; it’s important.  It’s not work at all.  It’s actually a lot of fun for me.

You know what’s a turn off to me though?  When I take time out of my schedule to say “Have a great weekend!” and the person writes back to tell me how great their company is.  What the what??

How does that even become an appropriate response?  Do you mean to tell me that if I went up to you in person and said, “Have a great weekend!” you would turn around and start telling me how great your greeting card company is?  On what planet is that acceptable?

My post today is very “Taylor Swift” reminiscent as I’m writing about something that really happened, but I’m doing it so you don’t make this same mistake.  Quit trying to close people.  Quit trying to hustle.  Quit trying to market.  Just be a human being and say, “Thanks!”  That’s all.  It’s just a conversation for crying out loud!

I will add that I took the time to tell the person what they did wrong right before I disconnected my LinkedIn connection with them.  I felt they should know where they made their vital mistake so they can correct what they are doing.  It was actually very self-serving.  I want them to quit making social media look BAD – I take that very personal!!

Don’t overcomplicate a very simple concept.  Just have a conversation.  Be polite.  Humanize your messaging.  I will shut down anyone who hankers the hustle instead of just saying “Hi.”  #NotGonnaHappen

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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