Sep 03: A day of rest

tobyNobody rests as well as my dog, Toby.  He takes this task VERY SERIOUSLY as you can see.

As I was watching my Corgi drift off to sleep last night, I felt like a wave of understanding came across me.  I remembered something my husband once said, “World peace would come if everyone would just take a nap.”  I think there’s something real about that statement.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to take every Sunday more seriously (or less depending on the angle you are looking at that!) and to not work from here on out.  I want to preserve 24 hours of my week just for myself, for my family and for all the fun things I want to do on the weekends.  I want to finish my book.  I want to plan our trip to Italy next year.  I want to decorate my house for the seasons.  I want to sit and talk with my girls.  I want to spend time with Toby!

This means unplugging (gulp!) and disconnecting from the online world and that is going to be very hard for me – since social media is a large part of my life.  Be supportive of this brave endeavor for me!  I will need it!!

Find a day of rest for yourself.  Your insides (feelings, organs, spirit, etc.) and outsides (family, hobbies, pets) will thank you.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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