Sep 04: A little cheese with that whine?

wine“Wish I could go home early every day like so-and-so!”

“Why does the boss always have me do this job?”

“How come no one else ever has to stay late?”

Yep…the whine.  I detest the whine.  I don’t like it when my own kids whine; I especially do not like other people’s kids whining.  I abhor whiny adults.  Yet, we all do it from time-to-time; me included.

Why do we complain to others?  And more importantly, why do we complain to others who cannot fix what you are whining about to begin with?  What do we want to get out of whining?  Why should we not let whining get on social media?

When you complain to others, it is a safe way for you to voice how you feel about a particular topic.  Friends and family will rarely stop you in your tracks and point you to the person or situation that is the cause of your rant.  Lots of times they will just suck it up.  For example, if my daughter is driving me crazy – complaining to my father or best friend doesn’t fix things between me and Farah.  Sound crazy simple, doesn’t it?  It is.

So why complain to someone else about a problem?  Not only is it safe to voice what you really want to say, but you don’t have to be uncomfortable about it.  Confronting the person that is in the path of your strife is hard for a lot of people.  Grumbling to a co-worker about your job not only makes the person receiving the negative news feel tense, but now you’ve let this colleague know what gets to you and may come back to haunt you later on.  You will be respected by peers when you deal with things head on and not whine to others about problems they simply can’t fix for you.

Whining brings an immediate sense of relief or gratification, but only to the whiner.  They get to unload their pent-up frustration.  It sounds a lot like when we  vomit.  You momentarily feel great and then realize – oh gross!  It’s no different.  Don’t whine to make yourself have a few seconds of relief.  Rather, look at what or who is bothering you and find a way to get to the end result you truly desire through the correct people.  It might take a little longer than just whining, but you will feel infinitely better for dealing with it appropriately.

In social media, we have a name for whiners.  We call them trolls!  Trolls are greedy and want to eat up your time with their complaints, mockery and whining.  It’s ok to acknowledge a legitimate complaint in the social space, but you are advised to not get into full engagement with the trolls online.   They just want to gobble you up.  They are hungry for attention.  Is this where your time in the social space is best spent?  Be very wary of trolls.  Proceed with caution!

Don’t let the whining get the best of you.  I might just set a big plate of cheese in front of you, but mine will be laced with trinidad moruga scorpion oil.  That will stop the ranting for sure!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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