Sep 05: Conjunction junction what’s your function?

  I use to love coming home from school and watching School House Rocks commercials?  Didn’t you?  This one was a favorite.  [I know you’re signing it in your head right now!]

You see – I can identify with conjunctions.  Connecting two words, phrases, sentences, phrases or clauses is how I live my life.  I’m a connector.  Much like conjunctions, I join people, ideas, emotions and thoughts naturally.  It’s my strongest Kingdom Purpose and social media channels allow me to showcase my best skills.

I realize, however, this is not everyone’s strong suit.

  • How do you know if you’re not a connector?
  • What do you do when you are not a connector?
  • Why do you need to care?

It becomes immediately apparent to me when someone is not a connector by looking at their different social media sites.  If you have low connection rates on LinkedIn and not many followers on Twitter – you are probably not a connector by instinct.  [I don’t count Facebook in this because I think Facebook is evolving to become more of a specific audience to let your hair down with and how many people you are connected to or not is no longer the point.]  If you listen to someone tell a story about their car breaking down and your first inclination isn’t to think of your friend who is a mechanic, then you’re simply not a connector.  It’s not your jam – but is that ok?

The inability to connect people will put you at a disadvantage in social media.  You will have to be strongly aware that this is not your strength and work hard to change behaviors.  You will have to schedule time on your calendar, for instance, to connect with people on LinkedIn for appointments you have that week.  Networking events will require that you use apps like CardMunch to scan information into your smart phone and collect it for you (and connect you on LinkedIn too) so you don’t miss an opportunity to make a new friend.

Social media is paradise for connectors and it’s overwhelming for those who appreciate a more silo work style.  I applaud anyone who can admit it’s not their thing.  Using the buddy system will help at networking events.  Ask a connector to accompany and teach you how they make the most of these events.  You’ll be amazed at little tidbits (like the CardMunch app) you pick up from connectors!  [Hint:  Download this app now!]

Connecting with others.  It’s the name of the social media game.  If you’re playing to win – then you have to step up your game and get comfortable with new behaviors.  Downloading this awesome app will really help you out!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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