Sep 06: A little dab’ll do ya?

dabI was literally JUST talking about the Soup Nazi yesterday when I saw this today.  Are you the type of person where a little dab of anything will do ya?  Social media is one of those precarious places where the balance of this concept is key because too little or too much will bury you with your audience.

The amount of the dollop is an important ingredient to any social media content presence we have whether it’s personal, professional or a mixture of both.  Too little and we look like we don’t care about the people we are connected with and too much we look like a needy child desiring constant appeasing.  Sigh – not the answer you were probably looking for, eh?  (“No dabs for you!”)

So, you might be thinking, “Where do I start?” or “How do I know how much?” and “Who should get the largest dollop?”  All are very fair questions with longer and shorter answers depending on how granular you want to go.

Staying high above the details in this discussion, we want to start with the social channels where we are most comfortable.  For many, this means Facebook.  Why?  We are typically connected with friends and family who will forgive us more quickly for any mistakes we make.  It’s the safest social environment for us to step up our game and try a few new things out.  It’s our “test market”.

Because we’re comfortable in our own space, we need to know how much is ok to share.  If you are currently not sharing anything and go from that to ten posts a day – you look unstable.  It’s true.  Your friends will be thinking, “What on earth got into Joe this week?” and instead of engaging easily, your friends will be cautious to make sure you aren’t just whimsically posting but ready for some real social sharing.  Build up slowly – but only to a point.  That’s the $64,000 question – define that ‘point’.  Well, I can’t – only you can tell.  It’s much like the clutch in a car.  We can ‘feel’ the moment to switch gears and each car is different.  Press the clutch too soon and the car slips trying to clamor to the next gear; too late the car’s engine is crying out for assistance.  In social media, we will know when we’ve overdone it.  I encourage you to practice with your friends before you move into a stronger content presence with your professional social sites.

So who gets our attention?  Who is deserving of the larger dollop?  This is a qualifier that only each of us can decide.  For example, I spend more time on Facebook engaging with people who are kind, less likely to pitch a fit and whose value I opinion.  I spend more time on LinkedIn with people who I have newly met, have signficant business matters on my mind and/or are centers of influence.  I spend more time on Twitter with people who are well-connected, have more resources available and like to interact quickly.  It all depends.  These qualifiers will change with seasons and reasons too, so don’t be married to them!  They aren’t life partners, they are merely a docent in the social museum.

Figuring out the right amount takes time – be patient, but not so patient that you go into paralysis.  It’s harder to recover from that than making a content amount mistake.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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