Sep 09: Is fake the new trend?

fake nailsMy first blog was about fake fingernails.  You can reference it here, but the bottom-line was that my fake fingernails got in the way of my doing real volunteer work that mattered.  I gave up the nails after that volunteer project and I haven’t gone back.  I make people look at my flawed hands now and I think it’s become more of a representation that I’m as real as it gets in social media…ugly hands and all.

I have noticed a trend in social media that is disturbing.  There seems to be a desire for some practitioners to really embrace all that is fake.  I am troubled about this because it gives social media a bad reputation for all the good it can bring.  It also dilutes the work that real people (a/k/a me) who want the social space to be crammed full of good people who want to benefit others to crossover the digital divide and grow as well.   It lends me to wonder, “Have those fakers become so good at it because they’ve forgotten how to be real?”

I read through online discussions and ask myself, “Would that person REALLY use THAT texture and tone with a person when addressing them face-to-face?”  Many times it is “NO WAY!”  Or how about when you see a profile with a zillion followers on Twitter in just a matter of month or so?  I’m busting my ass over here to make sure I have a good quality of followers, not quantity of followers.  I love my followers and want to interact with them, learn more about who they are and how we can help each other.  Do you know how many of your followers are fake?  (Did you know you could check at different sites like  You might be shocked!

I’ve even heard arguments from those in social media for why it’s ok to be fake on social media or to buy followers, and I’m not going to be of the same mindset on this – ever.  Why water down your true self / your words / potential real engagement with what you “think” sounds like a better profile / more confident sentence structures / real connectivity?  Why not keep your online profile as authentic to who you are offline?  I see some of this going on and I think, “You make Barbie look real!” 

Being fake is not a respectable quality, so watch out!  As Katy Perry says, “You’re gonna hear me roar!”

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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