Sep 11: Remember when…

Sheryl and AhmadThis is a picture of one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met.  His name is Ahmad Madjlessi and I’ve been blessed to call him my husband for the last 20+ years.  There’s not a person he wouldn’t help and he loves to laugh and smile.   He’s pretty awesome.

Growing up as an Iranian-American, he had never encountered any issues about his background.  He has flawless English, yet speaks fluent Farsi.  Our lives grew richer as we created a family, careers, built a home… and then 09-11-2001 happened.  Our entire lives changed as a family that day and it’s never been the same for us, especially for my husband and children.

As we all spend the day reflecting on those lives that were unnecessarily lost in the terrorist attacks, please also consider there are many good people (like Ahmad) who had nothing to do with the terrible events from 12 years ago, yet endure the ‘difficulties’ of those still filled with anger and hatred.  I continue to pray for peace in our country.

Remember when…

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite

(Written in New Jersey as I look across at the lights of New York.)


2 thoughts on “Sep 11: Remember when…

  1. Hi Sheryl! I found your blog on Twitter and am so glad that I did. I saw this picture of you and Ahmad and wondered about his background given his name. I scrolled down to find out that we’re both married to Iranian-Americans! I’ve been married 16 years with 4 kids. Then I scrolled down further through your blog and found that we both have kids on the spectrum. My youngest, a boy who’s 7, was diagnosed a few years ago. Then I read that you’re writing a book. I wrote a book I’m trying to get published about autism, the recession, marriage, addiction, and everything in between. You sound like you have your life together, while I’m trying to rebuild mine. I started my blog over the summer to try and build a platform, while querying agents and deciding where to go next. Is your book about autism? So nice to find you in cyberspace!

    • Hi there! So glad you found me too! No – my book is not about austism, but about social media – it’s what I do do for a living. Would love to stay connected with you. Are you on Twitter? If so – come chat with me there too (@BionicSocialite). I have lots of friends with kids on the spectrum. Let’s stay in touch!

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