Sep 20: The sting of victory

bee stingI’ve heard victory described in many ways:  – Satisfaction.  – A celebration.  – Sweetness.  Today, I want to chat quickly about the sting that can come with victory.  It happens to all of us and it’s an important lesson.

I was sitting in a meeting today and heard someone I respect dearly use a quote that I shared in a presentation this past week…yet the kudos went to another colleague as the person who pontificated this profound saying when it was actually me.  Ouch – burn!

To be honest, it kind of pissed me off.  I worked hard to put together a strong presentation.  I purposely chose words that would ignite passion, yet I didn’t receive the accolades when the time came.  It really left a big sting in my pride.

Pride is one of those things that can really get you.  I’m thankful I am old enough to be cautious when these feelings are stirred.  When I spent the afternoon reflecting on what I originally wanted out of the presentation (my goal was “How would my words benefit those in the audience?”) it took a while, but it dawned on me.  I had actually received exactly what I wanted.

I wanted the audience to be inspired; to be stirred.  If the person was able to quote what I said, did it really matter if they quoted it as someone else saying the words?  With the lump in the back of my throat, the answer is “no”.  I set out with a goal in mind that did not include someone being able to correctly quote that I had been the one who said it.  Nope.  I just wanted the thought to get across to the audience, and it clearly had.

When you are sharing anything, be sure you fully understand what your goal is.  Let go of the importance that you should get the accolade, especially if the end result is exactly what you had originally hoped it would be.  We should all be so lucky as to feel the sting of victory.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite



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