Sep 23: Making a difference

falling-leafI love fall.  It’s always been my favorite time of year.  Advertisements credit it to bonfires, hoodies, s’mores, football, snuggling, festivals, brisk air – but the real reason I love fall is because this is my time to wrap up and complete any projects I started through the year and make a giant *kapow* for yearend.  It’s all about making a difference and turning over a new leaf.

Social media really is a great tool to effectively amplify this experience.  Make it a point to reach out to those you haven’t chatted with in a while and set time aside to connect with them in some personal way.  Find time each day to post something positive and rewarding so you can share goodness on an exponential level.  Challenge yourself to complete any projects you have going on – – that might even mean letting go of a project that no longer fits into your grand scheme (and that’s OK to do by the way!)   Share your successes online, ask others for advice in your audience and engage with your following in a new way that you carry over into the new year.

It’s all about making a difference in your personal and professional life as well as that of others.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite




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