Sep 25: Blurred lines

stewardshipNo – no THAT type of blurred lines – – sheesh, Robin Thicke has really bought the spot with that term.  I’m talking about stewardship.  Social media is packed with opportunities for stewardship, but sometimes we can’t differentiate, “Should I say something here or leave it alone.”  It blurs opportunities to be great stewards.  Let’s talk about that today.

In my opinion, John Wesley quotes it correctly and it very much applies to the social space.  He says, “Do all you can”  Egads – that sounds really ‘involved’.  What does that actually mean though?

Do all the good you can… If you see someone on Facebook who needs help and you can help them, do it!  Don’t let the situation get blurred with, “Well, they might not want my help.”  Stop that!  You’re thinking only about yourself at the point.  If you know you can help – offer it.  If they don’t choose it, you did all you can.

By all the means you can… If you know someone who can help another person out, ask them to do it!  Don’t be worried how it’s going to appear to anyone.  You’re trying to be a good steward in connecting people with what they need.  If they don’t want your help, you did all you can.

In all the ways you can…  This might be a plea on Facebook that you respond to via text.  This might be a face-to-face conversation that you move over to LinkedIn.  This might be seeing a friend’s child sharing something on Instagram that you know their parents wouldn’t be to keen on.  Being a good steward means in every way you can, do the right thing.

In all the place you can… Whether face-to-face, social channels, by phone or text – – be available to help others.  You are here to serve others.  Social media has a way to remind us of that and gives us ample opportunity to be good stewards.

At all the times you can… You never know when someone is going to need help either.  That’s the beauty of social media.  Don’t blur your idea of when it is a good time to ask for help or to offer it.  Just do it!

To all the people you can… Aha!  Here’s what I love the most.  It doesn’t say just to your family – to your friends – to your pets.  It says, “To ALL the people you can.”  You may not even realize that you were meant to help other people outside your natural audience and then you step outside of your comfort zone and find all these amazing folks who need your assistance.  It’s so cool when you do this – try it!

As long as ever you can… So helping others applies to everyone?  You better believe it!  It doesn’t just say to do it when you’re strapping and young or older and wise.  You help as long as you can – forever.  Stewardship is something you are born to do and it gives you purpose at different stages in your life.

Don’t let the blurred lines of society prevent you from experiencing the deep satisfaction of stewardship.  Just go out and get messy in life – it will change you forever!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite



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