Sep 26: Do you always see privacy even when it hits you right in the face?

privacyWhen my children were younger, one of the punishments my husband started doling out was removing our teenaged child’s door from their bedrooms upon infractions of our stated rules.  There is nothing a teenager cherishes more than their privacy.  When Ahmad came up with this idea I thought it was ridiculous until our daughter, Farah, stood up with her arms clasped firmly across her chest, walking firmly out of her bedroom saying, “I might as well just sit at the kitchen table because everyone can see what I’m doing anyway!”  My husband put an invisible point up in the air on the parent’s scoreboard.  He’s right – they do value privacy.

I was reflecting on a request I received from a well-known blogger who out-of-the-blue contacted me with kudos about the job we’ve been doing in social media.  This person inquired if we could provide some sample clients who are using the social media tactics we have prescribed for their practice.  Awesome recognition!  It’s humbling to know the work I have been doing was noticed and as much as I would love to point out many different people’s success stories, I stopped and remembered how a goldfish in a bowl feels – – very exposed.  If my kids value a door to their bedroom, I feel confident that the clients I work with value their privacy as well, even when the situation is a reward.

Do you always “see” privacy even when it hits you right in the face?  The bedroom doors and fishbowl analogies are easy, you can see how exposed they leave you feeling, but what about during moments of what appear to be rewards and victories?  Aren’t those still private moments too?  Hmm.

Someone I know recently said they favor asking for forgiveness than permission.  I completely disagree.  Respect others and always ask.  Ask during moments of celebration and ask in moments of discouragement.  Always….always….always…ask!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite




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