Sep 27: What goes around, well you know…

karmaKarma is defined as the sum of a person’s actions in their existence, viewed as a deciding component in their future fate.  Although it’s a term used in Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s used globally enough for all to understand your future is a representation of the choices you previously made.  The Law of Attraction is another way to describe this too.  That could be a heavy burden to carry, eh?  It’s supposed to be.

I am keeping my entry today short and sweet.  I urge you to take seriously all that you put out in your life both personally and professionally and both online and offline.  I suspect if we were to reflect on the past couple of day’s events, there are times where you were putting out all kinds of negative “stuff”.  You don’t want that back, right?  So fix it!

Set yourself up to think and act and be as positive as possible.  I consciously did this a year ago and I must say that my life today is vastly different from then.  What goes around, really does come around.  I promise.

From chump to champ, I bid you a wonderful Friday!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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