Oct 01: Beat ya to it

punchAs pessimistic as this is going to sound, just resolve yourself to something right now.  It’s the infamous “punch” in life.  You’re never going to escape it because we are imperfect humans, so just know someone else is trying to beat ya to it.  What I am always intrigued with is “why”?

I find it interesting when someone makes it a point to get involved with a project I’m working on or even the duties of my job without discussing it with me, why would they do that?  I’m not over managing another area, I’m too busy doing my job!  Bingo!  That’s exactly it!

Anyone trying to get involved with a job that you’re doing well, or an important job with attention, etc. usually has issues with jealousy – a need for attention – boredom, etc.  and none of these things are very high-quality characteristics, eh?  They represent all the things that any quality employee doesn’t have time to mess with.  I also find it funny that these individuals become so fixated on beating you to the punch (which is just you doing your job or working on any given task) that they neglect to keep their own projects up-to-date, allow the quality of their own projects to suffer and eventually it is noticed by others.   Basically, nothing good comes of this.

So what’s my best advice?  If someone else beats ya to the punch, go out of your way to be extra kind to them.  They likely needed something to make them feel bigger – better – more bionic and much like a Snickers will do when you’re dieting, it’s a momentary ‘warm fuzzy’ that they needed to boost their ego.  LIke the sugar rush, it wears off though.  Getting yourself upset and territorial will not help and will likely draw negative attention to you – not something you were going for in the first place.

Trust me, the greater good always works out in the end.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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