Oct 08: Setting a good example

exampleI believe many think that the expression “setting a good example” is just for parents.  Nope.  That’s just a foundational component of parenting.  Actually, this should be a fundamental offering that all human beings could be doing for one another.  Sounds very kumbaya, but it’s true.  In your online and offline worlds, both personally and professionally, you should be setting a good example.

At least once a month you will hear me say to go back over and look at your Facebook statuses and see what they say.  Are they positive or negative?  Are they mean-spirited or kind?  Are they full of sarcasm or encouragement?  Are they asking for handouts our paying it forward?  All of these posts can either set a good or bad example.

On LinkedIn, are you being helpful or a hindrance?  Are you building positive momentum or being a wet blanket?  Are you only connecting and never talking with your contacts?   This is a fantastic space to showcase leadership skills.

With Twitter are you engaging with like-minded followers and tweeps?  Are you joining conversations to meet a new person or just ribbing others about their tweets?  Are you sharing material that could be helpful or just stalking others thoughts and content?

Setting a good example in the social space is imperative for it to be seen as a place of good and for you to be seen as a thought-leader.  Challenge yourself, especially on days where you might be not so positive and will have to dig deep, to always be a beacon of stewardship.  It’s the winning recipe in the long run.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite



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