Oct 15: Change the Equation

breaking-badBreaking Bad…did you watch this show?  I do believe I might be the only person who hasn’t ever seen it.  I saw this advertisement though and loved the idea of “change the equation.”  Yes, yes, YES!  Breaking bad habits starts with changing the equation.

That gave way to me looking yesterday at any bad habits I need to change.  I started off the day great with my spin class (I go again tomorrow – woot!) so that was a change in my bad habit before of not working out.  I then looked at all my food choices and most were good, but it could have been better.  Today, my food audit makes me more accountable to make better choices and change the equation for a better outcome.  I also took a look at my calendar and started undoing any appointments that were not serving purpose in my work.  That was a tough one to do, trust me.

Breaking Bad…Habits is something we wrestle with each day.  If you’re not sure what is a bad habit and you have little children around – ask them what you do that isn’t great.  Your kids unconditionally love you and will be grossly honest with you.  Be careful what you ask for you though – you will get the truth with little ones!

What conversation in your head do you need to change?  Are there food choices you need to tweak?  Can you add a little cardio to your day?  Is your calendar chock full of purposeless meetings?  Would you be willing to learn a new task at work?

How will you change the equation?

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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