Oct 23: Go bigger

wonkaDo you know why Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory was such an amazing movie?  It went bigger than your own imagination dared.  Who would have thought of tasting wallpaper?  Bubble gum that became a whole meal just from chewing?  The crazy, yet lovable Oompah Loompahs?  Just sharing a few of the details conger ideas of this magnificent journey from gluttony and greed to honesty and integrity – – all sugar-coated innuendos to make you think differently about how to be a good person.

My challenge for you is to go bigger – do something that challenges your comfort zone and grows you personally and professionally:

– Look at your Facebook friends and see who needs your help – and reach out to them.  Right now is Open Enrollment for a lot of employees.  Are you able to help your friends and family determine what plans would best suit their situation?  Try and help them.

– Go onto LinkedIn and make yourself start contacting your connections to let them know, “I see you!”  We seem to connect easily, but engagement is a commitment [much like when you get married!]  Engaging with someone means you see the tree through the forest.

– Start a new conversation with someone you don’t know on Twitter.  I’ve done that and made so many great friends – even better relationships than some people I know face-to-face.  [Linda Mastroianni – you know how much I value our friendship!]

So, what will you do today to go bigger?  I would love to hear!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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