Oct 24: Change

innovationChange.  Unless you’re talking about money that word scares the crap out of me.  I told you I would always be honest; change is uncomfortable.

However, innovating (a much friendlier word for “change”) is necessary for personal and professional growth.  It stretches us – challenges us – teaches us – reminds us that we desire more out of each day.  Change can also affect us negatively and positively, so make sure the changes you make are good choices, not bad ones.

Rick Warren is quoted as saying, “Whatever gets your attention gets you.”  So think about that for a minute.  If whatever gets your attention gets you, then if you change your focus then you change your habits.  For example, last week I told you I started taking a spin class after I realized that social media colleagues who were successful had a balanced personal life that had a form of exercise in it.  So I changed my focus, started going to a spin class, and I made a change because now I get up at 4:15am every day to get dressed, drive to the local YMCA to take a 5:15am spin class.

It is hard to make a change.  I’m still in the “hard” phase – trust me.  I would much rather sleep a little longer, but I’m thinking long-term and the effect it will have on me so I keep making this change.  The next phase will be “messy” when I’m at my most vulnerable point of thinking, “I’ve been doing this a while, I can skip a class.”  This is when I need accountability partners to keep me strong.  After you get through these two areas – you aren’t on Easy Street, but you have made a change that has more sustainability!

When you get up today – find ways you can make changes in your personal and professional lives.  Like a rubber band, once you’ve stretched you can’t go back to the same way you were.  Besides, who would want to?

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite




One thought on “Oct 24: Change

  1. Pascal is reputed to have said, “Life is the changed and unchanged self facing the changed and unchanged world.” On first glance this seems to be simplistic, but on deeper consideration, it is an accurate appraisal of the human condition.

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