Oct 31: Play fair

baseballFor those who really know me, they  would appropriately crown me a “die-hard” St. Louis Cardinals Fan.  Let the picture set it straight when I say, “I LOVE the Cardinals!” [This picture is a small sample of what my office looks like!]  However, I had a rough time sleeping last night not only because we lost, but because there were some pretty crazy things said online by both teams to each other one of which was someone on Facebook saying they hoped the Cardinals would die, and they didn’t mean the birds.


There are so many large anti-bully awareness projects out there directed at children, but I think they’ve missed the target.  I believe we should aim these toward adults to get a grip.  It’s a ball game, people.

I am passionate about my team and I do not like Joe Buck, but in the end it’s a bunch of people playing a game with some strategy and talent.  It either matches up and you win or your come up short and you lose.  But death?

I have said it before and I will keep saying it, social media can be used both equally for good and for bad.  Why can’t we just play fair anymore?  There was a story that broke yesterday on KMOV.com about a man who made bomb threats on Twitter because of the World Series.  That’s #RedFlagCrazy

Let’s all play fair online and offline.  Find a way to be a good sport [I’m including myself in these statements!]  Can’t we all just get along?

Congrats to the Red Sox for a well-played game this year.  My Cardinals will be back next year and ready to work hard toward another World Series!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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