Nov 01: Mmm, sow good

sowingIt’s November!!!  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  We are now thick into the autumnal equinox with its beautiful array of amber leaves, pumpkin spiced everything and reaping what was sowed early in the year.

I found out, sowing is not a lot of fun though.  I did some research on this because growing up in Missouri, I have enjoyed my fair share of pumpkin pies, spaghetti squash and more corn than I care to admit, but how did it all get there?  What work went into this?  Was it a lot of work?

Before the sowing of seeds even begins I knew the land had to be prepped,  but did you know the seeds had to be pre-treated too?  Some require soaking, cleaning or washing.  Wow, who knew?  Also, there are different types of planting such as hand sowing and open-field planting.  Had no clue.  I just went into the store and picked up a great squash and took it home.

Our online and offline lives need a lot of sowing too, don’t they?  It’s all the work you have to do to get to the good stuff.  For example, the parents who went walking around last night with kids in the rain and cold so they could experience Halloween.  Or getting up at 4:30am to take kids to swim practice before school.  Sitting at music lessons while your children are learing to play an instrument and playing all the wrong chords.  Yowzers, not so much fun during the sowing phase.

You know what is fun though?  Sitting with my grown son, Justin, and hearing him say things like, “I remember when you made that really great Halloween costume and I looked like The Riddler.  Remember how you got the jacket to light up just like the movie, Mom?”  Watching my adult daughter, Farah, appreciate when someone plays a clarinet because we let her be in band for two years and she knows the work that goes into learning a piece of music.  Holding a beautiful basket that my fifteen-year-old daughter, Jenna, made in basket weaving when I scoffed at the cost of the supplies.

This month, when you enjoy the harvest meals (and even more importantly, those harvest moments) be sure to say it’s, “Mmm, sow good!”

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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