Nov 04: 92% Cacao and Old Flames

bitterWhen someone tells me that premium chocolate is best for you, who cares?  Bring on the old-fashioned Hersey’s for me!  Why?  Think about it – what do 92% cacao chocolate and old boyfriends/girlfriends have in common?  They are both bitter.  Blech, no thank you.

Bitter is one of the five basic tastes we have as humans.  The others taste sensations are easier to understand such as sweet, sour, salty and savory – – but bitter has been reserved as a warning sign of poisons.  Bitterness of the mind is indeed a strong poison of our emotions too.

John Ortberg, Jr. wrote, “Bitterness is like drinking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die.”  How do we get to be bitter (or resentful which is another way to say “bitter”)?  Much has to do with our expectation of situations.  When expectations go unfulfilled then people become bitter.  Sometimes bitterness can be justified, but it takes great strength and patience to keep it in check.

In your online and offline lives, I know we all have moments of bitterness, but do everything in your online power to keep that emotion offline though.  It’s very important.  When others see you as being a resentful person they lose faith in your ability to be compassionate or loving or fair.  Don’t let a momentary hiccup in feeling hurt leave a scarlet letter on how your followers and connections “see” you.  It’s not worth it, trust me.

Leave bitter to the poisonous concoctions and sink your teeth into a sweet, milk chocolate bar to remember the good that will come out of being patient in a moment of disturbance.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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