Nov 06: Keeping goals present

vision boardHow many of you have ever made a vision board?  I know – this might seem a little cooky – but c’mon, have you ever done this?  Well, I have – and it worked.

The real question for me might be, “Do you do this every year, Sheryl?” and the answer is an embarrassing, “No.”  I say embarrassing because if it worked, why didn’t I do it again.  Argh – it’s always the same chump answers:  time, who wants to mess with it, etc.  But I did this in 2011 and it totally helped keep me focused on the prize for the year.  (< – BTW this example is not my board.  You won’t see half marathon on my board, I would drop dead!  Ha!)

I’m planning on doing another board for 2014 though.  Actually, I’m going to make two boards.  I want to have one at home and one at work to keep me focused on the planning goals I have set.  Sounds crazy?  Possibly.  Aren’t successful people a little crazy though?

Pinterest is a type of vision board if you think about it.  A place where you pin all those great things you want to become or how you want your yard to look.  It has one small problem though.  You don’t really have it right smack in front of you to keep you accountable while a vision board does do that (and it’s why I believe it worked so well for me in 2011).

I do believe one thing is true about visions boards for all those who are thinking this is a little sketchy.  Vision boards are to inspire you toward your goal, they aren’t going to get you there .  As my personal trainer said to me every week at practice, “No one can do your push-ups for you.”  The concept of keeping goals in front of you, mixed with a little Law of Attraction and some creativity on how you’re going to get there is more about the ticket to success.

Keeping goals present can be powerful.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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