Nov 07: Sorry, I have been so busy

busyThese have been my Six Words lately and I’m not proud of them.  I found it interesting that there was a woman named “Cheryl” on this graphic (although misspelled as far as I’m concerned!) so the business of “busy” must be attached to our namesakes.  Yuck-o! #DislikeButton

I recently attended a MarketingProfs event in Boston, MA and I had the good fortune to meet Larry Smith of Six-Word Memoirs.  It might sound a little nutty to say he changed my life, but he has definitely influenced me to be mindful of what I want out of each day.  “Sorry, I have been so busy” is NOT how I want people to remember my last six words to them.

Brevity is very appealing.  Even though I’m a writer, I am learning each day to really value a big punch in a short message.  It’s why I love Twitter, but I’m admitting I’m a smidge obsessed with the Six-Word Memoir project.

Almost daily, I tweet quotes by great people like Gary Vaynerchuk who said in Inc. Magazine, “I’m very obsessed with my legacy.”  Kapow!  Or how about Aimee Surette who tweeted, “Never forget – you are worth it!”  How can you not love that?  Then there’s Lecrae who reminded his followers, “Learn to laugh, especially at yourself!”  Yes, yes yes!

If all you had were six words, you would choose them wisely.  My six word goal is:  “Intense personalities make for courageous marketers.

What are your six words?

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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