Nov 08: How can I help you?

helpAbout a year ago, Forbes featured an article about the 40 Things to Say Before You Die.  Wow, that’s getting right to the point, eh?  I encourage that you read through the list because they are all good reminders.  This one in particular was special to me though, “How can I help you?

Social media is this beautiful place where that question is welcomed and cherished.  The diagram has it 100% correct.  You offer the help.  You give the help.  You grow as a person, as a business, etc.  Then you just keep repeating the process.  Activity begets activity.

I want to keep today’s touch short and sweet.  I challenge you no matter how busy you are, no matter what you have on your plate, no matter how crappy you might be feeling to ask this question, “How can I help you?” and give of yourself (your time, talent and resources) to another human being and grow yourself (and them!) as a purposeful person.  This is true for both our online (connections and followers) and offline (family and friends) lives.  Make yourself truly available to others!

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite


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