Nov 27: Anticipation

Jack-in-the-boxHow many of you are looking forward to seeing family and/or friends for Thanksgiving this week?  How many of you are dreading the prepping, cooking and clean-up for Thanksgiving this week?  Both are stories of anticipation – but with different and very visceral responses.  Why do we stress ourselves out with tasks that suck the love and joy out of something that could be fun and entertaining?

When anticipation is diluted by the crummy stuff in life, the excitement and enjoyment is lost and all that is left is yuck.  I remember when my daughter, Farah, was about four years old, we were in a doctor’s office waiting room and it had an old-fashioned jack-in-the-box (like the one pictured here).  The first time she cranked the handle and the music played she continued to crank and then *pop* out came the clown.  She smiled for a moment and pushed the clown back in the box, shut the lid and walked away.  I called out to Farah and said, “Turn the knob again and see what happens.”  Farah turned around and said, “Don’t want to – it’s just going to pop up again.”  Who knew a four-year old could be so wise?

My wish for you during this holiday is to take time and enjoy the anticipation.  We have friends coming in from out-of-town and we went to Kroger and bought our Thanksgiving meal (they cook it and you just pick it up!) so we can spend every minute with our friends actually talking and laughing rather than my yelling from the kitchen, “What was so funny?” or “What are you all talking about?

I want to be in the moment, not some abstract part of a recollection.

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite




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