Dec 02: It takes two, it takes two, me and you

MakingOthersHappyDriving along in the car this weekend, I was listening to one of those Rewind radio stations where they play songs from the 80’s [hey – I’ m 42, give the gal a break!].  There was a girl group back then called Seduction that had a great hit called “Two to Make it Right” and their lyrical hook of “It takes two, it takes two, me and you” stuck in my head for the whole day.  Argh – don’t you hate that when it happens?  In this case, I’m glad it did.

The song title, the name of the group singing it and the main chorus are all something I try to convey about social media each and every week (day?  hour?  minute?)  In each transaction I reach out to others to let them know it takes two for all of this “stuff” to work  Me and You – it takes two.  To some effect you are seducing them; it’s how you generate some momentum to stir the interest and get the relationship moving.  My goal?  To change transactions into connections.  I’m on a mission as Gary Vaynerchuk says, “No Transaction Left Behind”.

This is how social media works, folks.  You make others feel good (share tips on what you know, offer help to promote a friend’s book, reach out and meet new people – with NO selling, just honest caring) and you receive back exactly what you gave and make yourself feel good in the process.  Everyone wins.

Social media is not a place to go barf on people about you, your services, your anything.  It’s a place to learn about someone else, their strengths, their weaknesses, their abilities, their trials, their pain points, their funny moments, their friends, their adventures, their journeys.  By investing in another person, you don’t have to worry – you will get it all back, and a lot of time with more behind it.  Trust me.

Go listen to the song and get the lyrics stuck in your head too.  “It takes two, it takes two, me and you…

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite



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