Dec 04: The Krazies

kraziesI remember this day.  I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan (ok, I loves me some Oprah), but I remember this day like it just happened a blink ago.  Tom got a rush of “The Krazies” and jumped up on the couch professing his love for his then girlfriend later to become ex-wife.  He momentarily lost his mind!  “I’m in love!”

But haven’t we all had that moment?   Something, it doesn’t matter what it is, drills inside your skin like a chigger making you restless until you just bust with impatience, exuberance, joy, laughter….The Krazies!

The Krazies come quick.  Improper coddling makes them die-hard.  The initial excitement is the ultimate climax.  “I got a new car!” will draw questions about the type, the color, the gas mileage, etc. and with each question the interest seems to naturally dwindle by the crowd.  People start leaving the conversation because nothing is as good as that moment when something is *kapow* and makes us come alive.  Capitalizing on that exact moment is the key.

In marketing, especially social media marketing, we understand and embrace The Krazies.  Being flexible, agile and a bit daft – – we can use these bits of time to make a point that lingers.  For example, all we have to say is #GuessWhatDayItIs and everyone can hear that camel’s voice and a smile appears as we secretly want to be Mike or Julie!

When is your next couch-jumping moment in your personal life?  “I’m engaged!”  or “I got a promotion!” or “My daughter is headed to college!“?  When is your next talking-camel idea in your professional life?  “You can still dunk in the dark” or “So God Made a Farmer“?  Are you ready for when The Krazies hit?

Sheryl Brown / @BionicSocialite





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