Feb 09: Seriously, You Gotta Get a Life Coach

Life Coach Feb 09

Look around your current pool of friends and ask yourself, “Are you more badass than me in [fill in the topic]?”  If the answer is ‘yes‘ – then woot!  You’ve found yourself a life coach and maybe didn’t realize it.  (If the answer is ‘no’ – then you need an updated circle of friends. < – that’s called being “candid”.)

Life coach.  Mentor.  Confidant.  Whatever term rocks your boat, I don’t care…just get one.  We need peeps in our lives who are willing to (A) invest time in us and (B) tell it like it is.  The latter is harder than you think too.  Having candid conversations is the only way we will grow as a person…even as a race.  It takes courage to be kind, yet direct, in helping another person grow.

This person can’t just be any person either.  It has to be someone who is bigger, better and more bionic than you.  There is a wealth of information you can glean from someone who has more years, more skills, more expertise on whatever it is that you want to master.  [Monty Brown and Robert Brumby…you have no idea how much I will value your friendship all these years.  #grateful]

I will be an example.  Some of my professional focus in 2014 is:

  • I want to be a better speaker.  Guess who I hang out around?
  • I want to be a better writer.  Guess who I hang out around?
  • I want to be a better video presenter.  Guess who… well, you know what comes next.

The REAL kick in the seat though is this:  If you have found a life coach that’s superb and you’ve worked with this person to grow yourself, that’s awesome.  BUT…that means you must pay it forward and be that superb coach for someone else.

I have several young people I mentor.  Some are in high school still.  Some work at my job with me.  Some I met on Twitter.  It’s my job to give back time, energy and resources for all those who have put the same into me.

Seriously, you gotta get a life coach!

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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