Feb 12: Stop Being a Little Bit Pregnant #rant

Rant Rant Rant

It’s time for a rant!  LinkedIn.

I have an enormous amount of respect for what it takes to keep up with LinkedIn.  I have a lot of connections.  It takes time to keep my profile updated, but do me and your connections a favor.  Stop being a little bit pregnant.  It’s just pissing people off.

I’m particularly disjointed when users do not update where they are in their professional journey.  They’ve changed jobs – that’s fantastic!  They have a LinkedIn profile – even better!  What’s the big deal then?  Keep the profile updated.

Social media is an all or nothing proposition.  Why would anyone have a profile if they are not going to keep it up?  Again, stop being a little bit pregnant!

If there is anything in LinkedIn that must be kept up; please update your Professional Headline area.  What is this?  It’s the space directly below your name and you have 120 characters to tell the world about what you’re doing.  It’s a huge search space between LinkedIn and Google so there’s an added bonus for keeping it up-to-date.  [It’s also a huge opportunity to catch someone’s eye with your talents and resources.]

professional headlineThis example isn’t overly exceptional, but it’s at least acceptable.  She’s telling her audience key things like “sales professional” and “looking” so you know she wants a job.  She’s made clear what it is that she wants.  ((thank you))

professional headline 2This example shows where this guy works and what he does there.  EXCELLENT.  You know right off the bat what you’re dealing with and can make decisions on what to communicate with this person about.  [He could have used more characters, but he still made clear the most important things.]

I actually make it part of my process when I go through my connections LinkedIn accounts to point out updates where needed.  If we are meant to do business together the constructive criticism should be welcomed.  If not, meh.  How good was our connection in the first place then?

#DeepBreathing #RantOver #CheckYourProfileNow

Sheryl Brown / @BIONICsocialite


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